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At Alberta Centre for Outcomes Research in Neurosurgery for Kids (ACORN kids), we do research in pediatric neurosurgery. In our studies, sick kids and their families or caregivers are the major stakeholders. We talk to them, get their thoughts, share our ideas, and together set the course of research for greater benefits of the community. Our research objectives are: Pediatric Neurosurgery Research, Patient-Centered Outcome Research, Educating Parents and Caregivers and Knowledge Translation.

ACORN kids is Dr. Jay Riva-Cambrin's dream venture to make UofC/ACH a leader of pediatric neurosurgery research in Canada. Since the beginning (April 2016), ACORN kids has undertaken multiple research projects in its own capacity, fully integrated into the HCRN, taken leadership to develop the scientific infrastructure of CPNSG, and facilitating some of the DCNS neurosurgery residents in their research studies.

Please visit our current research page for more information about our studies.