PS-ETV+CPC vs Shunt:

Study title: Patient-Centered Outcome of success: ETV+CPC vs Shunt for the treatment of hydrocephalus

Purpose of this study: Shunt is the standard of care for treatment of hydrocephalus. However, ETV+CPC is also emerging as an alternate option for hydrocephalus. There are studies that showed clinical outcomes of these two procedures, but a patient-centered validation is yet absent. We are interested to know the perspective of the caregivers of the pediatric hydrocephalus patients.

Participating sites:

University of Calgary/Alberta Children's Hospital (lead site).

Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) at Toronto, ON, Canada.

Primary Children's Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Current status:

SickKids and Primary Children's Hospital are currently enrolling participants. Please join us if your child underwent an ETV+CPC or Shunt as primary/first treatment for hydrocephalus are eligible to participate in this study.

Alberta Center for Outcome Research in Neurosurgery Kids (ACORN Kids)