Alberta Center for Outcome Research in Neurosurgery Kids (ACORN Kids)

Patient-Centered Outcome of success: ETV+CPC vs Shunt for the treatment of hydrocephalus

Shunt is the standard of care for treatment of hydrocephalus. However, ETV+CPC is also emerging as an alternate option for hydrocephalus. There are studies that showed clinical outcomes of these two procedure but a patient-centered validation is yet absent. We are interested to know the perspective of the caregivers of the pediatric hydrocephalus patients.

Please join us if your child underwent an ETV+CPC or Shunt as primary/first treatment for hydrocephalus are eligible to participate in this study.

Anterior vs Posterior entry site for CSF shunt insertion

Primary objective is to compare the survival time of shunts inserted through anterior site with those inserted through posterior site. Shunt insertion site is totally surgeons’ choice. Some studies showed anterior site is better while other studies showed posterior site is better. There is a clinical equipoise regarding the two entry sites. In this study we are randomizing consented patients for either of those two entry sites and follow-up for 18 months. The procedure and the follow-ups are all part of standard of care of the patients.  

Please join us for screening if your child is undergoing first shunt insertion for hydrocephalus.