Alberta Center for Outcome Research in Neurosurgery Kids (ACORN Kids)

Shunt infection rate: pre- and post-implementation of HCRN protocol:

Study title: Impact on shunt infection rate due to implementation of the Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network Shunt Protocol at Alberta Children's Hospital 

Purpose of this study: The shunt protocol developed by the HCRN was shown to significantly reduce shunt infections in children. However, its effectiveness has not been validated in an independent, small to medium volume pediatric neurosurgery center. This study evaluates whether the 9-step Calgary Shunt Protocol closely adapted from the HCRN shunt protocol reduces shunt infections. The Calgary Shunt Protocol was prospectively applied at Alberta Children’s Hospital from May 23rd, 2013 to all children undergoing any shunt procedure. Children undergoing shunt surgery between Jan 1st, 2009 and prior to the implementation of the Calgary Shunt Protocol acted as the control cohort.    

Participating site(s):

University of Calgary/Alberta Children's Hospital.

Current status:

The data collection has been completed during Fall 2017. Data analysis showed that implementation of Calgary Shunt Protocol independently reduced shunt infection risk in children. The manuscript is going through internal revision for peer-reviewed publication. The findings of this study have been selected for oral presentation at theAANS meeting at New Orleans.

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